A Mystery Love Story By A Queendom Comsetics

Part 1

A maiden named Queen met a Knight, and it became the happiest love that they ever had. The day had come for the world to see how their love was captured at FIRST SIGHT!

They needed a plan to always stick together, but didn't know how. So along came the GLUE that holds it all together. Yet, there is jealously lurking around the corner.

Part 2

We last left off on Queen and Knight's announcement to the world, but there was one Maiden that did not agree with such union.

What was her name you may ask...HEIRESS. Heiress was the most SPICY Lashington you would have ever met. She too loved Knight and was not willing to give up on what she felt was HER true love.

Heiress began to plot, but she needed help...and she knew exactly who would help her take THE CROWN.

Part 3

We last heard about Heiress wanting to claim what is rightfully hers...


Heiress: "I need help...you wouldn't believe what I just saw" *Heiress explains the story*

Reign: "What??..."

Majestic:"...are you serious!"

Heiress: "Queen is only with him for the exposure...so what should we do?"

All three Royals plan to expose the truth about why Queen is using Black Knight. There is just one problem...what if he believes she is just being jealous?

All is fair in the game of  LOVE, 

Part 4

*The plan is in place and Black Knight will have no choice, but to see the TRUTH! Heiress arranged a dinner and invited everyone in order to let Queen show what she is hiding.

Of course a Queen surrounds herself with Royalty, which as her guests she invited Luxury and Superior the most Elegant Lashingtons of them all.

Heiress: "So Queen I wonder how does it feel to fake your love life for the world" Queen responds, "it's lightweight to hold the Crown"

..the room goes silent as Black Knight and his associate Tea Party stands near the doorway. He gazes at Heiress.

Now that just may be Love in HINDSIGHT,

Part 5

The tension in the room is heavy and as Black Knight enters he overhears Queen...

Black Knight: "Have you been telling everyone that we were together"?

Queen *stutters*: "I..I..I.."

Heiress: "So it was all a lie"

Queen: "I never lied, you just thought it was true"

In the midst of the commotion Black Knight kneels down with a ring behind Heiress...

Heiress to Queen: "You should realize that this Love is mine"

Everyone turns in shock as Black Knight looks up at Superior and says "Will you Marry me"...

Heiress turns around to see she let her love slip away...