Royal Lifestyle Of Beauty

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Our Story

At A Queendom Cosmetics we work to diminish the stigma that SELF-PRIORITY is selfish.

Treating yourself like royalty means to choose you and your happiness EVERY TIME. Basically, you are the most important person in your life, so say no if you have to.

Standing up for you is what Royalty looks like, being in love with you is what Royalty feels like, and we strive to keep this at the foundation of The Palace.

Founder & The Queen of The Palace

Deja White, Queen D.,  is a beauty and lifestyle lover for over 8 years. The journey of her accomplishments through obtaining her two degrees, growing into an influential beauty enthusiast, and becoming a business owner contributed to learning what ROYALTY truly is. With a passion for makeup and beauty, Deja focused on bringing a new light to the beauty industry. The Royal Lifestyle began with Queen D.'s own realization of self-priority in one’s life. “I was always quick to do things for others, but when it came down to me it was hard”.

There had to be a place where putting yourself first mattered the most, which became the foundation of this Royal Beauty Brand.

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The “Royal Lifestyle”

What is “The Royal Lifestyle Of Beauty”: 

Living an impactful lifestyle where making decisions that fulfill your own heart desires is a must. We set out to create a royal brand that embodied confidence and beauty. We believe everyone deserves to live life knowing that they are important despite any obstacle or situation that comes about. So now it’s time to continue to live in just that - the #ROYALLIFE