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Royal Talk is a place where The Royal Lifestyle will unfold. Talking about what it means to be A Royal, the lifestyle, and luxury beauty tips. There will be recaps of our Royal Talk LIVES! Join in on the conversation with QUEEN D. (Our Ceo) as she take you along on her "Journey to Becoming A Royal"!



  1. Tell us your Royal Name
  2. One thing you love about YOU!
  3. Fun Fact about who you are

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Queen D

I’ll go first! Let me introduce myself. I’m Queen D. And wanted to invite you on this journey with me. I can’t wait to share the TRUE meaning behind A Queendom Cosmetics.

One thing that I love is that I have power and strength to keep going.

Fun Fact about me is that I can sing. Normally in the shower by myself and it brings me peace ❤️

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