It’s hitting me, ALMOST ONE YEAR

30 Days from now a celebration will take place. The One Year Anniversary of A Queendom Cosmetics. I remember it like it was yesterday - I dropped my product reveal video the night before (literally finished editing it 2 minutes before I had to post it) and the response was so heart warming. 

All I could think of is “I really am about to do this. This was MY BRAND” when I say I built this from who I was. Queen D. isn’t my alter ego by accident. She was made to LEAD and today I Lead a Brand that is destined to reach Royalty beyond my wildest dreams. I am grateful for this journey and can’t wait to celebrate …YEAR ONE!

If you're reading this...SOMETHING IS COMING!


Trelenny Joiner

Cue Tony Toni Tone Anniversary

Yassss ma’am so excited and proud of you bestie!!! You’re truly an inspiration. 1 year down and more years to come. Excited to see your global empire grow. I know you have something BIG planned. Many blessings to you and your baby that you are poured into. May it continue to be just as amazing as you.


Parielle Parker

I’m sooooooo proud of you. I mean the brand is EVERYTHING!!!! I can’t wait to see the evolutionary growth that this solar return brings to your company. The expansion of growth is coming sis! One thing about you I know you’re so ready for it! You’re the definition of a Queen Boss and we are ready for what’s your come that’s for sure. 🤍✨🙏🏾💕

Yolanda Posey

I am so proud of you sweetheart! Be encouraged!
Love Mommy!

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