My 5 Best Makeup Hacks

There are so many I never can choose which one is my favorite so I’ll let you decide! I’ll run down some of my favorite ones and give you a chance to read more about them in our 10 Makeup Hacks Ebook 

1. SKIN: Prepping your skin first is always going to help you with a flawless makeup look! 

2. If you haven’t heard by now, cream-based products are our favorite in The Palace. They are great in both the Winter and Summer months. So no matter the time of year you’re covered! 

3. Vitamin E is essential when it comes to the best lip products for you! Here is one of our favorites

4. Need those Lashes SECURED? Try this: Use your Lash Adhesive  and apply it to your lash line, and for some Double Security apply it to your lash band as well! 
5. To properly clean your face you’ll need more than just a wipe! Make sure you find a good cleanser that can clean your face the right way. 

Try these tips and let us know how much you like them! 

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