The Lashingtons and Their Purpose

My greatest collection ever made! I tell you I took time with The Lashingtons from the designs, the styles, names, and packaging I made sure these products were worth it. 

Each style was strategic. I didn’t want just a wide range of lashes just to say I have them. I wanted specific styles that could be useful in many occasions and comfortable for all lash wearers. What warms my heart the most is when I see someone who has never worn lashes take the chance with our Royal Lashes and falls in love. The packaging of a luxury case was built on protecting the lashes from bacteria and a place of security as well. 

Now I can’t forget the GLUE that holds it all together…Our Lash Adhesive  it fits the TRUE meaning of “Securing Lashes One Crown At A Time” latex-free, waterproof, and can hold through the blazing heat! 

The Collection that made a difference! - The Lashingtons 

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